Mr. Mattison Hale

Instructor in Humanities

Mattison Hale has journeyed both physically and ideologically. North Carolina is his tenth state of residence; others include Kentucky, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kansas, and Michigan. Born in the Protestant tradition, he converted and entered the Catholic Church in 2013. “I have always prayed that the Lord make Himself my teacher. Looking back, I realize that I had no idea of the significance of that prayer... or that it would be so graciously granted.” Mr. Hale’s academic interests include theology, philosophy, psychology, biology, history, and linguistics. “Learning and teaching,” he says, “are among the noblest and most vital endeavors in which a person can be engaged.


Mattison Hale earned his B.A. in Theology at Lee University and his M.T.S. from Boston College, where Peter Kreeft was one of his mentors.