Ms. Metta Longo

Instructor in Humanities & Mathematics

Metta Longo was given early examples of teachers who cared about the success of each student. “They would meet with a student during lunch because they knew she had already finished the assigned book and couldn’t wait to talk about it. They would stay after school to answer questions about rotational kinematics and how that connected with BC Calculus (even though they taught Algebra I). Or they would create an independent study class for a student who wanted to continue her French language studies. These teachers inspired me.” For Ms. Longo, “education allows us to cultivate our unique, God-given talents so that we can live authentically. As a teacher, I want to help students find subjects that use their talents, that they enjoy and find challenging; I want my students to love learning and growing as individuals, and to do both for the greater glory of God.”

Ms. Longo earned her dual B.A. in English and Romance Languages at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also enjoys the study and teaching of Mathematics.