Faculty Directory

St. Thomas More Academy attracts powerful and passionate teachers. The opportunity to work on the cutting edge of independent Catholic preparatory education and outside a system that so often pushes state-mandated tests and “core curriculum” draws many talented people to STMA. Instructors are blessed to mentor students in traditional “great books” and to form young men and women to think critically, collaboratively, and assertively about matters of significance for Christians in the contemporary world.

Deacon Brad WatkinsDeacon Brad Watkins

Deacon Brad Watkins is the Academy’s headmaster. He also teaches electives in theology, art and design. Deacon Watkins came to the Academy after many years of teaching on both the secondary and collegiate level and several years as the Administrative Secretary to the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh…

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Dr. Wesley Kirkpatrick

Dean of Studies

Wesley Kirkpatrick is St. Thomas More’s Dean of Studies. He supervises the faculty and academic program and teaches courses in contemporary history and philosophy…

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Mrs. Ann Cureton


Ann Cureton is the Academy’s registrar and administrative assistant to the Headmaster and Dean. She supports families with RenWeb, FACTS tuition payment, and all matters of student records….

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Mrs. Lan Bello

Instructor in Mathematics

Mrs. Bello was born and raised in Vietnam and came to America during her sixth grade year.  “I remember looking at my very first report card and seeing the only grade on it was an ‘A’ in math…

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Mr. Randall Blessing

Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Randall Blessing sees science and mathematics as forms of play and exploration. “As I teach physics and mathematics I want students to think about situations and problems with me and to experience learning as a process…

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Mrs. Kristy Chandler

Instructor in Humanities

Kristy Chandler is adjunct instructor in the humanities and teaches primarily in the Trivium. “As a linguist I am thrilled that St. Thomas More Academy devotes substantial time to the study of language…

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Mr. Joel Decker
Mr. Joel Decker

Instructor in Humanities

Following years of rich work with youth in Ohio, Joel Decker came to North Carolina to attend Duke Divinity School with his wife in order to be better equipped for work in Catholic catechesis…

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Doug Dieter


Mr. Doug Dieter
Director of Athletics

Doug Dieter is STMA’s Director of Athletics. In his coaching he stresses the many opportunities that sports provide for developing the personal virtues that empower success “on any path that the future might hold.”

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Ms. Christina Geradts

Instructor in Humanities

Ms. Geradts has a venerable view about the education of the young. “My father often shared his philosophy of education with my sisters and me, especially whenever we were celebrating an academic achievement in our family…

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Dr. Anjela Govan

Chair of Mathematics and Sciences

Dr. Anjela Govan was born and raised in Soviet Russia and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was in high school. “My parents always encouraged my pursuits in sciences, and my father imagined I’d become a great computer…

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Kate KirkpatrickMrs. Kate Kirkpatrick
Instructor in Humanities and Agricultural Arts

Kate Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Chicago. Though her roots are urban, she formed a special interest and expertise in nature and its potentials during her years as an instructor and outdoor education coordinator for a youth wilderness experience program…

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Franz KleinMr. Franz Klein
Instructor in Humanities

In 2009 Franz Klein enrolled in the “Great Books” Ph.D. program at the University of Dallas with the idea that he would someday teach at a small, Catholic liberal arts college. “But a few things made me realize that my calling was to teach on the prep school level…

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Mr. Patrick Kurz

Instructor in Humanities

Mr. Kurz first fell in love with literature in his youth while reading Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. “I found myself enthralled by the protagonist’s struggle for justice in a fallen world…

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Mr. Charles McCants
Instructor in Humanities

Charles McCants was born and raised in Raleigh, but went off to Virginia for greater formation in the Classics and Theology. During college he spent a number of weeks at Holy Cross Abbey, a Cistercian monastery in Northern Virginia…

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Mrs. Cassie McCullers

Service and Outreach Coordinator

Cassie McCullers is the Academy’s service and outreach coordinator and adjunct instructor in the natural sciences. “One of my own guiding principles comes from Joshua 24:15: ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…’

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Jake NolandDr. Jake Noland
Chair of Humanities

Jake Noland is St. Thomas More Academy’s Chair of Humanities. He was born and raised in Virginia, and as the son of a Methodist minister he lived all around the state. He began studying philosophy during his first semester at UVA and started teaching it as a graduate at Texas A&M…

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Mr. David Pell

Instructor in Humanities

The classical world has captivated Mr. Pell from his early teens. “I began studying Latin as a freshman in high school, and I have come to favor authors who composed history, philosophy, and poetry…

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Mr. Rod Ruiz

Instructor in Humanities

For Mr. Ruiz “history is not just something we learn in a book, but something within all of us…

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david-richardsDr. David Richards
Instructor in Natural Sciences

Dr. David Richards was born and raised in Colorado.  He developed an interest in the sciences while in high school and pursued a degree in engineering…

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Mr. Cameron Smith
Instructor in Art & Design

As a practicing artist Cameron Smith has worked for two decades primarily in contemporary Catholic art, landscape, and figure painting…

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