Dr. Wesley Kirkpatrick

Dean of Studies
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Wesley Kirkpatrick leads STMA’s academic and formation programs and a college support team that has placed seniors in over 200 schools at all levels of admissions challenge. He teaches the annual Dean’s Seminar and a range of popular electives across the core humanities.

“STMA offers students a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment. Our high, clear, and consistent standards inspire pursuit of first-rate outcomes. John Bosco says we must concentrate on the education of the young if we want to have a good society, and John Paul II urges us not to be satisfied with mediocrity. At STMA we live out their advice in humility and a spirit of constant improvement.”

Dr. Kirkpatrick studied at Notre Dame, where his mentor was the renowned philosopher Alvin Plantinga. “Plantinga schooled me,” he says, “in close and honest thinking and deeply influenced my own journey.”  A former visiting philosopher at Oxford, he has received awards from the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund and the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

The Academy’s founder Robert Luddy has named Dr. Kirkpatrick a “teacher of excellence.”