Patrick Kurz

Instructor in Humanities
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Mr. Kurz first fell in love with literature in his youth while reading Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. “I found myself enthralled by the protagonist’s struggle for justice in a fallen world. Never before had I encountered life in all of its beauty so vividly presented in the pages of a novel. My seventeen-year-old mind was stunned, but my adventures in literature had just begun.  By the time I began my work at Notre Dame a year later, I knew that I would pursue a major in the Program of Liberal Studies, a course of studies based upon the core of “great books” of western civilization. These books introduced the foundations of western ideas, the foundations of the Catholic faith, and some of life’s most important questions. While studying these texts in a seminar-based format, my love for literature and intelligent discourse burgeoned into a call to the classroom as a teacher.”

Mr. Kurz thus began a career of fostering the life of the mind in young men and women. As he says, “there are few greater pleasures for a teacher than to watch a conversation that has begun in the classroom spill over into the lives of students. As an instructor of literature, I aim to foster an intellectual curiosity, a hunger for knowledge and truth, and a passion for literature. I sincerely hope that, through intellectual discourse, students will develop a sense of who they are and of their place in this world, while at the same time knowing that they live in a caring, supportive community grounded in faith.”

Mr. Kurz earned his B.A. and M.Ed. at the University of Notre Dame. He also studied at La Fundacion Ortego y Gasset in Toledo, Spain, and worked for two years with the Alliance for Catholic Education. He teaches Literature and History.