RLL Speaker Series

The Robert L. Luddy Speaker Series is an innovative program that brings lectures by prominent thinkers and achievers into the STMA curriculum.  These men and women offer practical wisdom and insight that students can use to grow and find success in their life pursuits.  The Speaker Series is scheduled on Tuesday mornings.

Dr. Don Devine

Don Devine from Randy Luddy on Vimeo.

Seminarian Philip Johnson

Seminarian Philip Johnson from Deacon Watkins on Vimeo.

Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand

Alice Von Hildebrand STMA Lecture from Randy Luddy on Vimeo.

Dr. William Peterson

Dr. William Peterson Speaks to St. Thomas More Academy from Randy Luddy on Vimeo.

Father Robert Sirico

Father Sirico at STMA from Randy Luddy on Vimeo.

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