Math Placement

Initial Math Placement

STMA places incoming first-year students in mathematics based on the faculty’s written placement test. This test is required of all incoming students. It is offered on the Tuesday of fall orientation week.

Placement is always conservative. Prior middle school results are not part of our considerations, but ISEE scores might be reviewed if the faculty decides that a student’s placement test results fall on a borderline.

First-year students might place in one of three first initial courses. Placement establishes the student’s subsequent math track through the Academy.

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Algebra 1


Algebra 2



Algebra 2


Calculus or Statistics

Algebra 2



Calculus 2

Transfer students into the upper grades are placed on results in prior 9-12 courses and the faculty’s written placement test.

For both incoming and transfer students STMA’s placement test is decisive over other measures.

ISEE Results and Math Remediation

STMA administers the ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Examination) to all students who appply for admission to the school. The ISEE also signals strengths in particular subjects.

A student is expected to have competence in whatever math skills are necessary to sustain positive performance in the student’s first STMA math class.

If an admitted student’s ISEE scores suggest math challenges the student and his or her family will want to explore remediation work outside STMA. STMA does not offer remedial math courses, but can provide suggestions for remediation resources upon request.