Covid-19 Information

STMA Re-Opening Plan - Fall 2020

STMA will return to school in person this fall, in accordance with NC private school law and at the discretion and approval of the Board of Directors.  As a classical school, it is important for teachers and students to engage face to face to discuss subject matter in depth.

Orientation week begins August 10th and the first day of classes remains August 13th.

Though virtual learning can never replace in-person learning, we will offer an on-line option for those who are unable to be on campus due to health risks of the student or family member. 

In-Person Learning Details

  • We will follow recommended protocols and follow the guidelines offered by the Diocese of Raleigh.
    • The Pinpoint app will be utilized by parents each morning before school begins to indicate if their student is experiencing any cold-like symptoms. 
    • Faculty, staff, and student temperatures will be taken each morning before entering the building.
  • Based on current City and State requirements:
    • Students (all grades/ages), faculty, and staff will be required to wear masks.
    • STMA will not provide masks.
    • They must be plain and solid in color with no divisive words or images. 
    • Parents/guardians/visitors entering campus buildings will also be required to wear masks.
  • Until the mask requirements have been lifted, our formal uniform will be relaxed.
    • Students will not be required to wear blazers/cardigans or ties.
    • Any approved STMA uniform may be worn Monday-Friday.
  • A student in physical school who is diagnosed with Covid-19 or who has been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed must:
    • Remain out of school for prescribed times (see guidelines here).
    • Virtual learning will be available for these students.
    • The student may rejoin physical school at the end of the prescribed time or opt to rejoin at one of the designated entry dates (see Virtual Learning section for these dates).
  • New DOAS heating and air systems has been installed in key areas of the school. 
    • The new system constantly filters and exchanges outdoor air.
  • All classes will implement distancing to the degree STMA facilities can accommodate.
    • Student desks will be spaced 6 feet apart.
    • Additional class sections for each class have been created to reduce the number of students in each classroom.  When we do have larger class sizes, they will meet in the upper or lower theater, both of which can accommodate big groups while maintaining distance.
    • Classes will run on a staggered schedule to reduce hallway traffic.
    • Only two grades will be allowed in hallways at the same time during class transition.  Usually, the grades transitioning will be in different parts of campus.
    • Whenever possible, the distance a student must cover during class transitions will be sharply reduced, thus reducing the number of students in contact with each other.
    • Classes will be able to meet outdoors when weather permits.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned between classes.
    • Teachers will end class a few minutes early to allow time for desks and doorknobs to be cleaned with disinfecting wipes before the next class.
  • Mass and Tuesday Speaker are optional for fall term.
    • Study periods will be provided in various classrooms for students who opt out.  Enough classrooms will be available to allow for desks to be spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Grade 6 will utilize two adjoining classrooms and will not interface with grades 9-12.
  • Our attendance policy will necessarily be modified/suspended for this year.
  • Should a school closure be mandated, STMA will be prepared to make an immediate transition to on-line learning. 

 Virtual Learning Details

  • STMA will offer a virtual/online option for as long as necessary or prudent.
    • Tuition is the same for in person/virtual learning.
    • Families must choose either in-person learning OR virtual learning.
    • If you don't feel comfortable sending your child to school, virtual learning is the best option.
    • Students who opt for in-person classes but have to miss school due to illness may join the online class. However, there is not a hybrid option.
    • If a student begins school in-person, but decides at any time during the fall semester to participate virtually, he or she may do so at any time.  If the students decides to return to in-person learning, s/he may only do so during the dates listed below.
  • A student who voluntarily elects virtual learning at the start of fall semester (or anytime after the start of the fall semester) will have three opportunities to join physical school if they so choose in the fall:
    • September 8
    • October 20
    • November 30
  • Every physical class section will also offer Google Classroom for those who select virtual learning.
    • All teachers will start a Google Meet video at the beginning of each class (some exceptions may apply).
    • Understand that Google Meet may not always be optimal and teacher time will be ordered to those physically in school (for example, teachers may not be able to take class time to address technical problems with video feed).
  • Students participating in virtual learning DO NOT need to wear their uniform.
  • Virtual students must follow the same schedule as in-person students and be on time and present via video for the entire class.
  • Attendance and tardiness will be recorded along with students in physical class.
    • Excessive tardiness or absences (including being in the class but camera not working or routine internet problems) may become a point for formation conversations with the Student Life Coordinators.
  • Teachers will answer virtual students' questions when asked.
    • Students will be required to turn on microphones to ask questions.
    • Teachers will not respond to questions via the class chat feature.
  • Classwork/homework/assignments will be posted in FACTS/SIS (RenWeb) and Google Classroom.
  • Virtual/online tests will not be offered.
    • Students opting for virtual learning must come to campus for proctored assessments on the day of the test after normal school hours (which will be communicated to students by teachers).
    • Students will be required to wear their STMA uniform while testing on campus.
    • Students will test in maximally spaced classrooms that minimize exposure to others.
    • Masks will be required for the protection of at-risk members of our community.