Mr. Clint Eaton

Instructor in Science and Mathematics (grades 9-12)

Clint Eaton was born in New York and raised primarily on the east coast. “Drawn to my extended family and beautiful part of the country,” he says--and keen to study chemistry--he decided to pursue his undergraduate studies at East Carolina University. He then spent a decade as a research and development chemist, performing air analysis on current interferents and simulants used in sensor prototype development for chemical warfare agents and explosive detection and managing several funded projects with prototype deliverables. After he and his wife welcomed three children he took his extensive science experience into the classroom. He has taught many years at both the secondary and collegiate levels and is excited about working in a college preparatory school. A continuous learner, he “now enjoys ‘molding’ the futures of students.”

Clint Eaton earned his B.S. in Chemistry at East Carolina University and is now finishing his MST degree at the University of Maine.