Mr. Joel Decker

Instructor in Humanities (grades 6-12)

Following years of rich work with youth in Ohio, Joel Decker came to North Carolina to attend Duke Divinity School with his wife in order to be better equipped for work in Catholic catechesis. “I loved about every minute of my time at Duke, and a line of G.K. Chesterton I recently came across hints at why. He wrote of human kind, ‘…we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.’ This spry bit of profundity reminds me that our world, burdened by sin and death, is sick and old. Our society, confused about what constitutes the good life, risks sinking into vanity and despair. Theology, directed as it is toward God, helps train us for a journey toward God—the source of all life and exuberance and the Good to which all we do should be ordered—and injects a liveliness into our engagement with the world, forming us to be an anecdote for a sin-weary world.”

Mr. Decker earned his B.A. at Malone University and his M.Div. at Duke. He teaches Theology.