Mr. Robert Kirkendall

Instructor in Humanities (grades 9-12)

Born and raised the son of a Baptist pastor in Northern California, Robert Kirkendall has developed a keen interest in Scripture and literature from a young age. “I recall my sense of awe at the great doctrines of the Incarnation and the Trinity. I saw that these were not inert ideas, but dynamic realities weaving humanity into a great story.” He was inspired by his own high school literature teacher to pursue teaching. “In reading great poets and great literature, I was drawn down the via pulchritudinis, inspired by the transcendent nature of Beauty reflected in great art.”

Mr. Kirkendall is inspired by a notion theologians call the “Divine Pedagogy,” the way God educates mankind throughout Salvation History. “Reading great literature opens up rivulets into the great stream of God’s story, wherein he longs to teach us about his Creation, our Selves, and his Self, inviting us to share his life. Dante says that works of art are the grand-children of God, much like Tolkien’s assertion that artists are ‘sub-creators.’ Great literary works that reflect great truths tend to turn our desires, like Dante’s ‘balanced wheel’ in the climax of the Paradiso, toward ‘the Love that moves the sun and other stars.’

Mr. Kirkendall earned B.A. degrees from Biola University in Humanities: English and English: Writing. He completed an M.A. in Theology at the Augustine Institute in Denver. He teaches literature and supports seniors during the college discernment and application process.