Mrs. Kristy Chandler

Instructor in Humanities and the Performing Arts (grades 6-12)

Mrs. Chandler is the Academy student’s first encounter with the Trivium, the heart of classical education. “As a linguist I am thrilled that we devote substantial time to the study of language. Its exploration paves the way for learning in all other disciplines. In our unique curriculum we teach grammar, writing, logic and rhetoric as distinct courses, all of which ask students to think about language analytically and artistically.” Mrs. Chandler urges her students to imagine grammar as the “biology of language.” “Humans are naturally competent breathers, but it is still important to learn the pieces, form, and function of the lungs, not so that one becomes a better breather, but instead to understand the beauty of breathing. I hope my students are awed by the amazing and beautiful complexity of language, this uniquely human gift. I also hope that this earned appreciation of language in all of its forms will stick with them throughout their lives. “


Mrs. Chandler completed her B.A. in Communication Disorders and her M.A. in Linguistics at North Carolina State University.