Ms. Emily Nye

Instructor in Humanities

Emily Nye was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Wanting to find in her learning “a satisfying response to the restless human heart,” she studied at Franciscan University and later at Notre Dame, where she read St. Augustine for the first time. “Through late nights reading the Confessions and other great works of the Catholic intellectual tradition, I encountered the meaning I desired: truth in the person of Christ.”  Ms. Nye’s studies and her experience as a Catholic school teacher inspired her to dedicate her life to a vision of Catholic education that “forms students in the unity of knowledge ordered to ultimate Truth. “

Ms. Nye earned her B.A. in History and Theology at the Franciscan University, where she worked as a research assistant for Prof. Scott Hahn. She earned her M.T.S. at the University of Notre Dame. Her mentors were John Cavadini and Cyril O’Regan—“men who, casting their nets into the deep, fed me with the riches of their catch.”