Application Process and Forms

Beginning September 1, applications will be accepted in the following grades for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Upper School - 9th & 10th; Upperclassmen transfers are accepted on a case by case basis - please contact the Admissions Office to discuss potential transfer applicants.
  • Middle School - 6th & 7th (applicants for 7th grade will be placed on a waiting list); space is not available for 8th grade transfer students.

The following are required to complete the admissions process (please see the Application Checklists at the bottom of this page for details regarding the following):

Online Application - see link at the bottom of this page

Admissions Testing - please see instructions for registering for the entrance exam here.

School Records

Two Letters of Recommendation - may be submitted in the following ways:

School Administrator Student Review form

  • Please email the above link to an administrator (principal, asst. principal, dean of students, etc.) at the applicant's current school. 


Application Process Checklist - Middle School

Application Process Checklist - Upper School


To begin the on-line application, click the link below to create a parent account.

ONLINE Application for Admission 

  • When the application has been completed, pay the $165 (tuition deductible) application fee + $20 processing fee to submit (Total Fee = $185).  Both fees are non-refundable. 
  • Please note that once the application has been submitted, changes cannot be made.  If you wish to attach supporting documentation to the application, please do so BEFORE it has been submitted. 


Questions? Please call the Admissions Office at 919-576-7064 or email