Tuition & Fees

Through great effort and generosity, tuition at STMA is maintained at an affordable amount.

Middle School (grades 6-8) Tuition: $6,000

Upper School (grades 9-12) Tuition: $6,500

Included in the tuition amount are some school books, which are provided on loan and must be properly maintained.  There will be some books, however, that the faculty deem important for a personal library.  Students will have to purchase these books separately.  Individual titles should not be more than approximately $20.  Additionally, every effort is made to point students to online titles that are free, or sites where they can be purchased at very low cost.

STMA Fees 

St. Thomas More Academy does not have hidden fees. We strive to keep families’ costs down. Other than tuition, our fees include:

  • $185 Non-refundable Application Fee ($165 Tuition Deductible) + ($20 Processing Fee)
  • $300 Non-refundable Tuition Deposit along with Commitment Letter (Tuition Deductible)

There are occasional expenses that arise as part of our curricular and extracurricular activities, these include (but may not be limited to):

  • Athletics, books (mentioned above), March for Life, field trips, lab fees, theatre productions, celebrations, food trucks, dress down days, and formal dances

Click on this link to register for a FACTS account and select a tuition payment plan:

Payment Options

  • One full payment, due to the school by July 17th (3% discount will apply to tuition balance)
  • Two equal payments, paid in August and January through FACTS
  • Ten equal payments, paid August to May through FACTS

Financial Assistance

Applicants to STMA may apply for financial aid. Please see the financial aid options that are available below.

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship

Families who receive the NC Opportunity Scholarship are welcome to apply to STMA. Please visit the NCSEAA website for more information on applying for the scholarship or to enter STMA as the recipient school if your child has been admitted to STMA. 


Merit Based Tuition Assistance

Annually, St. Thomas More Academy provides limited merit based financial assistance to families in need.  Financial Assistance varies from year-to-year depending upon the number of qualifying families, their need, and available funds.  All families are expected to pay some portion of the tuition.  Families applying for merit based tuition assistance are required to fill out a financial form with FACTS and pay a processing fee (which is non-refundable regardless of school decision).  FACTS makes objective recommendations to the Academy based on financial data provided to them.  Only enrolled students may be considered for merit based financial aid.

Financial aid must be applied for annually and is subject to change.  There is no guarantee that aid levels will be the same from year to year.  Maintaining aid is dependent on academic and behavior standards as outlined in the student handbook. The application for financial aid may be completed via this link:

If you have further questions regarding FACTS, tuition plans, or financial aid please contact Mrs. Ann Cureton.