Please ask Our Lord for more dedicated, holy priests, deacons and consecrated men and women.  May they be inspired by Jesus Christ, supported by our faith community, and respond generously to God’s gift of a vocation.

Below are quotes from STMA Graduates who have followed Christ's call to a Diocesan or Religious vocation.

“Looking back upon my time in high school at St. Thomas More Academy, I am often amazed at how God was forming me and leading me without my knowledge of His help. Life seemed commonplace at the time, and I had even thought it would have been nicer to have gone to a bigger school with more people, but God was using everything I had to teach me and to help me discern. I have learned that this is often how discernment happens: we follow God to the best of our abilities with a specific purpose or direction, and we trust that He can and does use everything along our way to bring us to His plan, even if we did not see it as His plan at the time. When we get to that moment for which we were discerning, we will look back and we will give thanks to God, because He had us in mind the whole time."

Fr. John Kane
St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Southern Pines, NC
Class of 2007

"During my time at STMA, my fellow students challenged me to take the Catholic Faith as my own. Their challenge helped me to develop my own personal relationship with God. It was from this personal relationship with God that I began to hear Him inviting me to be a priest. That experience has taught me that God uses the people in our lives to speak to us and invite us to follow Him."

Fr. Michael Schuetz
Mother of Mercy Catholic Church, Washington, NC
Class of 2008

"The tremendous support & consistent prayers of the faculty, staff, and the students of St. Thomas More Academy gave me the space and the freedom to discern God's will throughout high school, ultimately leading me to enter the seminary after graduation. My years as a seminarian and pursuing this call towards the priesthood have been the most joyful, peaceful, and grace-filled years of my life. I thank God for this vocation and I pray that more men out there will open their hearts to listen to God's call and to courageously respond to that call."

Deacon John De Guzman
Seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh
Class of 2014

"Being immersed into the fervently catholic community of STMA changed my life. The devoted and knowledgeable faculty helped me to realize the awesome beauty of the Catholic faith and my friends and classmates supported me in living it out. It was at STMA that I fell in love with Jesus, was first attracted to the priesthood, and began my discernment. STMA started the work of formation in me, a formation that I continue today as I pursue Christ’s call for my life."

Robert Lane
Seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh
Class of 2016

"Like St. John Henry, I know that the Lord has given me some definite purpose in life, He did not create me for naught. In my life as a priest I am ready to be a link in a chain and a connection between persons, ready to do the good He wills on earth".

Brother Leo Dornan
Oratory of St. Philip Neri
Class of 2014


"The image that I think of with my vocation right now is that of Peter walking on the water.  My only task, my only concern should be to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and, when He says to come to Him, I come.  My tasks are simple- to focus on Him and walk.  He is the one who can take my little gift, my obedience, and make something out of it.  I could only live this life if He gave me what I need to live it.  That dependence has to be total but it's exciting that way, and He often surprises me with where He tells me to go for Him.  I would only be able to do it out of love."

Sister Miriam of the Child Jesus
Missionaries of the World
Class of 2009