Mr. Randall Blessing

Instructor in Science and Mathematics (grades 9-12)

Mr. Blessing sees mathematics and science as forms of play and exploration. “As I teach physics and mathematics I want students to think about situations and problems with me and to experience learning as a process toward fuller understanding, the sort that only comes after a series of thoughtful steps. I also want them to enjoy themselves as they go through this process and value the fruit that follows.” His annual rocket project is an example of this pedagogical philosophy in action. Teams of students in senior physics construct rockets from basic parts and materials, send payloads of eggs 800 feet skyward, and return the eggs (hopefully!) intact. This project requires students to solve a variety of large and small problems while having lots of fun. “Physics is not just distant mathematical laws,” he says, “but an understanding of the world that brings excitement and joy.”

Mr. Blessing finished his B.S. in Mathematics and Physics at Morningside College and his M.S. in Physics at Creighton University.