STMA boasts a tremendous faculty seriously dedicated to the Catholic formation of young souls. I believe the classical education, loving formation and academic tradition provide a unique choice for parents today. The number of vocations that come from this school and the consistent scholarships garnered by its graduates from top academic programs speak to its success and God’s blessing on this special work.

Fr. Philip Tighe
Former Director of Vocations, Diocese of Raleigh

I’ve had the good fortune to present at STMA on multiple occasions. My subject matter, which draws from contemporary physics and philosophy, can be fairly demanding, but the students not only assimilate the material but ask very perceptive questions. I believe that the STMA faculty is the driving force behind these exceptional young people. I’ve been highly impressed by their knowledge and commitment to the students. For preparing teens to meet contemporary challenges brought about by the interaction of faith and secular culture, Saint Thomas More Academy offers one of the finest secondary programs in the nation.

Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J., Ph.D.
President Emeritus, Gonzaga University

I commend you and your colleagues on the creation of a truly inspiring place of learning—here young people can receive the formation of heart and mind that they so much need to be able to find their place in today’s often complicated society. Saint Thomas More Academy [gives] me much hope for what can be done, especially by lay people, in renewing Catholic education. 

Dr. Christophe Cardinal Schönborn 
Archbishop of Vienna

Catholic schools play an essential role in the future of our Church and Diocese. Recognizing that parents are the first and primary educators of their children, Catholic schools enter into a unique partnership with them. STMA is positioned well to assist parents in this endeavor. As a school officially recognized by the Diocese of Raleigh, it is dedicated to the authentic teaching of the Faith and provides families with a valued option in Catholic education.

Most Reverend Michael Burbidge
Bishop of Arlington (Formerly Bishop of Raleigh)

STMA opened my eyes to the ways in which different disciplines are connected. By the time I arrived at college, I was enthusiastic about many subjects, and could take on my school's core curriculum with interest and enthusiasm. I'm grateful to STMA for encouraging me to pay attention to the depth and breadth of truth.

Adriana Watkins
STMA 2016 & Teacher in the Humanities Dept.
Boston College 2020 Majors in English & French, Minors in Philosophy and Creative Writing 

I valued the history and philosophy/logic classes. It wasn’t apparent at first but those classes prepared me the most for critical thinking and life outside of the sciences.

William Wood
STMA 2018
Siena College 2022, Major in Aeronautical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

St. Thomas More Academy first and foremost brought me to a deeper encounter with Christ by the humility, faithfulness, and generosity of its faculty and students. With the veracity and rigor of their academics, STMA allowed me to develop a sharp mind, being able to think critically and make necessary distinctions in many areas of my life. In doing so, STMA has aided in my discernment towards the priesthood as I joined the seminary after graduation.

Fr. John De Guzman
STMA 2014
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary 2018 Major in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude; Graduated from the National Seminary of The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, earning both a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree and Sacred Theology Bachelors (S.T.B.). Ordained in 2022 as a priest in the Diocese of Raleigh.

I didn’t know how much I longed for a beautiful education until I was gifted one. STMA taught and helped me live out what’s most beautiful in life: Jesus Christ longs for a personal relationship with me, for which I am and will be eternally grateful.

Jorge Rodriguez 
STMA 2018

Amherst College Class of 2022, Majors in Philosophy and Geology What I value most from my time at STMA is the drive it instilled in me for the pursuit of excellence in all things. In my time there, I learned to strive always for excellence in all my pursuits, whether academic, athletic, or professional.

Alexander Winger
STMA 2018
Benedictine College 2022, Majors in Biology and International Studies; Working for Maxim Healthcare Services as a Habilitation Technician in preparation for an anticipated career in the medical field (PA/DPT)

STMA prepared me well to face both the academic and transitional challenges that come in college. I am thankful for the life lessons and habits that Deacon and the rest of the faculty helped us to learn. 

Michael Naguib
STMA 2018
University of Tulsa 2022, Major in Computer Science 

STMA's community is totally unique in the best way. I formed some of the most meaningful relationships of my life while here, and grew personally in ways that have prepared me for life and all that comes after high school. As an engineering major, I believe that STMA's liberal arts curriculum taught me to see the world in a different way than most of my peers, which has already proved very advantageous. 

Andrew Mistele
STMA 2018
North Carolina State University 2022, Major in Aerospace Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

I don’t really have a one- or two-liner on how STMA prepared me for college, because it prepared me in so many different ways. I arrived at SMU to find that I was completely prepared for the academic rigors of college. I did well in my classes across the board, including writing and physics where many others struggled, and came out of freshman year with a 3.86 GPA.  

I was also prepared for the various leadership positions that I have earned, including an officer position in Cyber Security Club, one on the SMU Mustang Mavericks (my country-western dance team), and on the board of the Thomistic Institute at SMU, which I helped found. I will be attending the Thomistic institute’s Summer Leadership Conference in Washington, DC at the Dominican House of Studies in July. 

As early as October of my first semester, I had already locked down an internship for this summer doing software development at State Farm, after earning interviews with a half-dozen other companies including the Ethos Group, Fidelity Investments, SAS, and others. I was recently offered an internship for the summer of next year with Northrop Grumman, which would include a security clearance.  

Kyle Mistele
STMA 2018
SMU 2022, Major in Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security, Minor in Philosophy  

I value STMA for its teachers who care about the personal enrichment of each student in and way beyond the classroom. In college, it is almost impossible to have this connection with teachers so I remember it fondly from STMA. It reminds me that there are teachers out there who value more about their students than just their academic performance. 

Irene Bethencourt
STMA 2017
UNC Chapel Hill 2021, Major in Nursing

My time at STMA prepared me, more than anything else, to live out a rather countercultural vocation on most college campuses -- that is, to be a student who is also a practicing Catholic. STMA provides an incredible spiritual and personal formation in the faith that I will continue to build on for the rest of my life.

Liliane Watkins
STMA 2017
Franklin & Marshall 2021, Major in Neuroscience

Newman describes the soul of the university as "the mark it has left on it's student's minds." Though STMA is not a university, I can confidently and comfortably make the claim that STMA leaves a mark on the mind of its students, by attending to the formation of the intellect, heart, body and soul of the student. My experience at STMA has been nothing less than transformative- this is a result of the time and effort each and every one of the faculty members poured into me. The skills and knowledge I gained through my experience at STMA enabled me to go on to a large public institution, knowing I had the needed formation to pursue my education with great integrity, while juggling the complicated dynamics that come with going to a large public school. I credit all of my success to the formation that I gained at STMA, and to that formation I will eternally be grateful.

Sarah Dawod
STMA 2015

NCSU 2019 Honors Biology with Concentration in Neuroscience, Minor in Health, Medicine and Human Value; Currently pursuing an MA in Bioethics at the University of Pittsburgh funded by The Witherspoon Institute at Princeton

I have had six children attend STMA since 2007. STMA is consistent with the principles it stands for, namely an integral formation of the student: the highest academic standards coupled with the formation of the highest human values.

Richard Bethencourt
STMA Parent

I would not trade the experience that I have taken from this school for anything.

Ben Alig
STMA Graduate

God is always calling his people to the vital task of “renewing” authentic education. One enterprise that deserves our special praise and gratitude is St. Thomas More Academy. Thanks to the astounding generosity of its founder, Bob Luddy, and the unswerving efforts of its faculty, it has born rich fruit in its many students. We, both laity and clergy, have a great debt of gratitude to those who pour themselves into creating schools like St. Thomas More. Let us support them in every way possible. And let us not miss the chance to give our children the privilege of a real education.

Alice von Hildebrand                                                            
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Hunter College

As we discuss and debate issues around the dinner table with our children, it is clear to us that our children have benefited from a rigorous and balanced education at STMA. [It is] a community of independent learners who combine critical and analytical skills with idealism and compassion.    

Dr. Walter and Becky Tan
STMA Parents

I am truly enjoying and am thriving in all my classes; they are all lead by expert teachers. All are welcome in this real, Catholic environment. Everyone at the school is so charitable and proud of their Catholic faith. I would never go anywhere else!

Maria Mutka
STMA 2017 

The teaching staff is in a league of its own with credentials that rank at the top of the charts, not just in the state but in the country. The school is rock solid in its mission to provide the very best in academics, but also to create strong Catholic leaders prepared to make an impact in this world. As parents, we all know how hard the teenage years are for our children. Our children and the students at STMA all feel that STMA is their safe harbor from the storm–a place they will always be accepted and loved and most importantly encouraged to be the person God has intended them to be.

Tim and Cathy Ligowski
STMA Parents

My wife and I visited St Thomas More Academy in 2011, and we were greatly impressed by the politeness of the students. I attended an English class that had almost the level of a college course. I gave a lecture to an assembly of all students, and I was struck by the intelligent and articulate questions I received from them. I went away wishing that I could send my own children to a school like St. Thomas More Academy.

Dr. John Crosby
Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Franciscan University

We were concerned with the size of the public school and how easy it could be to get “lost” in such a large environment. The small class size at STMA allows for more individual attention and a feeling of belonging. You get to know not only your fellow classmates well but also the teachers. The Staff is great. They take time after hours to support the students. STMA provides the classical education we were looking for in an inviting and accepting environment.

Robert Neiberger
STMA Parent

STMA provides a rich environment that allows each student to flourish and become who they were meant from all eternity to be. In fall 2013 a recent graduate enrolled at Aquinas College. I was able to see a direct correlation between the caliber of teaching and learning in a thoughtful, Christ-centered community and the impact that STMA’s integrated formation had on the young man. He brings his good qualities of mind and heart into every aspect of life and by his example encourages others to follow his lead.

Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, O.P.
President, Aquinas College

St Thomas More has created a truly unique environment where students are challenged to genuinely live out the faith they profess as well as encouraged to strive for academic excellence. Real discussions take place that inspire deeper thinking into how their lives can and should impact the world. Deep friendships are formed.                                          

Dr. Dan and Carolyn Moran
STMA Parents

We believe STMA will equip our kids to step out into a world that is at times both challenging and disordered, while keeping God and the faith at the center. STMA fosters an environment where students grow in faith, virtue, character and intellect.

Cheryl and Mark Hadley
STMA Parents