School Profile

Founded: 2002

Grades Offered: 

  • Middle school - Grades 6-8        
  • Upper School - Grades 9-12


  • Middle School - $6000/year
  • Upper School - $6500/year

School Day: 8:00AM - 3:00PM (Afternoon carpool 3:00PM-4:00PM)

2022-23 Enrollment: 245 students

Students Per Grade: 

  • Middle School - Maximum of 30 students per grade
  • Upper School - Maximum of 60 students per grade

Individual Class Size:

  • Middle School - 30 students (students track together)
  • Upper School - Varies by class, but typically 20-25 students per class

Average SAT Score (2022 Graduating Class): 1251

College Placement: 100% of graduating seniors since 2004, with admissions to over 270 schools in the United States and abroad at all levels of selectivity

Scholarships: STMA graduates routinely receive highly competitive financial support from colleges and universities.

Professional Membership: Duc in Altum Schools Collaborative

Accreditation: please visit our FAQ page


St. Thomas More Academy’s excellent curriculum and instruction ensures that graduates will be highly competitive in their post-secondary studies.