Transfer Applicants

What is a transfer applicant?

A transfer applicant is a prospective student seeking admission to STMA (including international students) as detailed below:

Upper School

Grade 10

Prospective transfer students for grade 10 are considered on a case by case basis.

Grades 11 & 12

Local (Raleigh/Durham Triangle area) Upperclassmen transfers are not considered for admission. 

Prospective Upperclassman transfers from outside of the Raleigh area are considered on a case by case basis after meeting minimum standards detailed below. 

Middle School

Grade 8

Space is not available for 8th grade transfer students unless the student's sibling is a current STMA student. 

Grade 7

Prospective families may follow the admissions process outlined in the Admissions Process section of our website after contacting the Admissions Office to discuss the possibility of a transfer. 

All prospective transfer students are considered on a case by case basis as space is available. If space is not available, the student may be placed on the waitlist.

Please note that STMA does not consider applicants for temporary study (or "visiting students"). Intention to complete at least the full academic year following enrollment is an assumption upon admission to the school. This also applies to international student applicants. 

What is the first step for prospective transfer students?

Please contact the Admissions Office to discuss the possibility of your student transferring to STMA before completing an application.

Prospective transfer students are considered on a case by case basis as space is available for each grade. 

Are there minimum requirements for prospective transfer students?

Minimum Requirements for prospective transfer students: 

A score above the 50th% (specific percentiles are required for each grade) on the ISEE (entrance exam). Applicants interested in grades 10-12 may alternatively submit PSAT scores. 


GPA of at least a 3.5 at the student's current or most recent school

Evidence of both of the above must be provided before a prospective transfer student moves on to the next phase of the admissions process, which is a student interview. 

Does STMA accept transfer students after the school year has begun?

Transfer applicants are not considered for admission during the school year (between Sept. 1 and May 31) unless the student is moving from outside of the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area. In that case, students may be considered between August and December, but not after, as we do not accept mid-year transfer students.

What is the deadline for completion of the admissions process?

The deadline for completion of the admission process for transfer students is August 1 of the school year for which they are applying. For example: If a student would like to attend STMA for the 2023-24 school year, the admissions process must be complete by August 1, 2023.

If a prospective transfer student wishes to start school between the months of August and December of the current school year (for students transferring from outside of the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area only), the process must be completed as soon as possible after the minimum requirements have been met. 


All questions pertaining to the STMA admissions process should be directed to Stormy Noland, Director of Admissions, by emailing