STMA is pleased to offer students a popular program of semester-long electives across all areas of the curriculum. 

In 2020-21 students in grades 10-12 are required to take two electives over the course of the academic year, but may take three or four as desired.  Elective study periods are available.

Here are STMA's spring 2021 elective offerings. Enrollment will open by grade, beginning with seniors, on December 28, 2020.


8:05-9:15 TR


Ancient Greek and Roman Technology (Mr. Hardin)


This course is an introduction to ancient Greek and Roman technology. Students will analyze the writings of ancient technological manuals, conduct independent research on simple and complex machines, and reproduce some aspects of these technologies. This course is designed to be a classics/making hybrid class.


Dean's Seminar: Philosophical issues in Mere Christianity (Dr. Kirkpatrick)


This seminar engages C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and its ambitious case for Christian theism from the perspective of contemporary analytic philosophy.


The Modern Olympiad (Mrs. Kirkpatrick)


This elective explores the 125-year history of the modern Olympiad in anticipation of the rescheduled Tokyo games.


Personal Finance (Mr. Govert)


The Bible mentions money over 800 times and makes over 2000 financial references. God, through the Bible and through Catholic tradition, has a lot to say about money.  Much of what He says is counter to our culture’s messages.  This class will introduce basic financial literacy--how to “think in numbers"--with Catholic teachings on finances and human nature to help prepare you for managing personal finances to support your life.


The Science of Coffee (Mr. D'Andrea)


This elective explores the science and cultural impact of coffee. We will look at the entire process of coffee production from plant biology to the chemistry of roasting and brewing as well as the effects of coffee production on local economies and ecosystems.


Wilderness Skills and Survival (Deacon Watkins) 


This single-semester elective will cover critical skills for building confidence in outdoor/wilderness adventures. No prior experience necessary, but students will be expected to participate in hands-on projects and plan/execute an overnight backcountry camping trip. Access to camping equipment will be necessary (usually we can pool enough equipment from classmates). Ideally there will be class trips as well, but this is somewhat dependent on restrictions in place due to the Coronavirus.



9:20-10:30 TR


American Sign Language (Mrs. Briceno)


This course is an introduction to the basic skills necessary to navigate the deaf world. The students will learn some basic concepts to maintain a conversation, culturally appropriate behaviors around deaf people and important vocabulary. To fully experience ASL (American Sign Language) all participants are expected to remain silent during class time, and only communicate using signing.


Apologetics (Mr. Decker)


Our world is in need of hope, and Scripture tells us to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). Some Christians fail to take seriously, though, that the passage continues with the words ”but do this with gentleness and respect.” This introduction to apologetics will consider both arguments in support of the Faith and the manner in which they are argued.


Computer and Electronic Experimental Measurements (Mr. Blessing)


Students in this elective will use electronic measurement probes such as photogates, force probes, pH probes, and temperature probes to do a number of experiments in physics and chemistry.  The class will do more sophisticated data analysis and build one electronic measurement probe.


The History Of Sports (Mr. Cottle)


In this course we will delve into the origin of particular sports and games while also looking at their relationship and impact on society. We will learn about the great stories of specific individuals who have left their mark on the games and great stories of how sports has changed the lives of so many in various ways.


Independent Study--Art + Design - Pen and Ink (Deacon Watkins) 


This single-semester elective explores various concepts in art and design through work with pen and ink. It is hoped that students enrolling in this elective have some experience with art and design as well as the ability to be self-directed and work diligently in class. There is a nominal fee (TBD) to offset costs of materials purchased for student use.


Prehistoric Britain (Dr. Kirkpatrick)


This elective studies the unfolding of nearly 800,000 years of the human story in prehistoric Britain from the lower Paleolithic to the Roman invasions.


Technical Theater (Mrs. Chandler)


This course will cover the "backstage" aspects of a theater production. Students will learn how to design and operate theater lighting and sound, construct and paint stage set pieces, and create costumes and special effects stage makeup. Some discussion will focus on technical theater as it relates to directing, acting, and production/stage management, but no previous theater experience is required, and no acting will be a part of this course.